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lulu craft

handmade button-eye doll

handmade button-eye doll

Обычная цена $115.00 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $115.00 USD
Распродажа Продано

***A basic finished doll takes 4 weeks before shipping. The standard shipping will take 2~3 weeks, so please make sure to consider the schedule!
***May contain parts that are dangerous for kids, like buttons, or decorations on the outfits

Pure handmade and hand painted product.
The body has aluminum wire inside as support but the arms and legs don't. Wooden hollow ball as the joints. It needs an extra stand or support to stand on.

Size: Around 30 CM
What can these rag dolls wear: 1/6 scaled dolls' clothing, such as outfits for 1/6 Volks YOSD bjd

Material: Cotton, poly-fil, Various kinds of buttons, non-toxic acrylic paint (or artist pastel chalks sometimes) and yarn

Because it is pure handmade, so it may not be perfect. Don't buy it if you mind. Thank you for your cooperation.

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